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Searching for new colors

As one of the few musicians dedicated for soprillo saxophone, Reno seeks to paint new colors in the saxophone world, by creating more online contents to explore the possibility of this rather young and difficult instrument. On the alto saxophone, he is dedicated in exploring new methods of playing and teaching.​He is the inventor of the 24-EDO Yehnian Solfège, which is the first and currently the only consistent and coherent solfège system, and it's easy to learn even for music beginners.​Born in Taiwan 1983, Reno originally studied computer science and completed his military service in ROC Army Band. While in the Army Band he had decided to take the career of a musician. At the age of 27 he traveled to Italy and entered the Bari "Niccolò Piccinni" Conservatory of Music and began his saxophone study under the guidance of Professor Marco Albonetti in 2010. Later he followed his teacher and transferred to Trento "F. A. Bonporti" Conservatory of Music in 2012 and acquired his First Level Academic Degree in 2014, with a max score in the graduation concert.​At the same year he entered the second level saxophone class of Brescia "Luca Marenzio" Conservatory of Music under the guidance of Professor Gianni Alberti. In March 2017 he acquired his Second Level Academic Degree with a full mark 110 with honors, at the age of 33. He performed his graduation concert entirely using the soprillo saxophone, with the dissertation/thesis "Uno studio complessivo del sassofono soprillo" (A Comprehensive Study of Soprillo Saxophone).​Reno currently performs and teaches in Brescia, Italy.

Latest Personal Activities


"Saxofono Romantico - Brahms & Schumann" concert
at Salone Pietro da Cemmo of Brescia Conservatory of Music


"Saxofono Romantico - Brahms & Schumann" concert at FILO theater


"Saxofono Romantico" project site online.


Performed at Taiwan National Dr.Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall B1 for oil painting exhibition "The Heartbeat of Mountains"


Illustration Concert: A Show for Stories at Bologna Children's Book Affair, Taiwan Stories Market

2022 Spring

Starts playing in Orchestra di Fiati San Giacinto (now Orchestra fiat del Borgo) Brescia, as first alto saxophone.


Published Yehnian Solfège



Uploaded the first video about soprillo saxophone, starts Soprillismo channel activities.

Current Projects 現有企劃



Creating educational and musical contents of the soprillo saxophone through my YouTube channel, hoping to introduce the sound of it to more people.

Videos will also be uploaded to my Facebook page.

saxofono romantico

Saxofono Romantico

This concert project aims to bring important instrumental works of romantic era -- an era in which Adophone Sax had created his greatest invention -- to saxophone, and to demonstrate the distinctive beauty one can discover on saxophone with these marvelous compositions.


Reno's Music Notes

Here I share my personal music and saxophone tips with you.


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