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Artist Curriculum

Reno Yeh is one of the few musicians in the world who dedicated playing soprillo saxophone. He's also experienced on all SATB saxophones.

2021-02-10 Published on-line the 24-EDO Yehnian Solfège.

Current Jobs

Communication Specialist for International Students at Brescia "Luca Marenzio" Conservatory of Music

Saxophone teacher at Accademia Zerootto, Cellatica Brescia

Saxophone teacher at Accademia di Musica A. Bettoni, Iseo Brescia

2017/03/14 Second Level Academic Degree at Brescia “Luca Marenzio” Conservatory of Music under the guidance of professor Gianni Alberti, full mark 110 with honor.

Dissertation topic “Uno studio complessivo del sassofono soprillo” (A Comprehensive Study of Soprillo Saxophone)

By investigation and personally interviewed the Munich manufacturer Benedikt Eppelsheim, this is world's first thesis about manufacture, acoustic characteristics and performance guides of the soprillo sax.

2014/09/22 First Level Academic Degree at Trento "F. A. Bonporti" Conservatory of music under the guidance of Professor Marco Albonetti.

Graduation concert “Sassofono e Marimba” with marks 10/10, total marks 105/110.

Since 2011 he has participated several times the Faenza Saxart Festival organized by Professor Albonetti and has taken private lessons from U.S. musicians including Dr. John Sampen of Bowling Green State University, Professor Russell Peterson of Concordia College and Professor Carrie Koffman of the University of Hartford. He has also won various music competitions in Italy.

Soloist Achievements

First Prize of Concorso La Musica nel Mondo, August 2015

Winner of the competition “Luigi Manenti” (soloist with orchestra) of Brescia Conservatory of Music, April 2016

Second Prize of the V Rome International Music Competition with soprillo sax, 2018

Second Prize of Salut International Web Competition, 2016

Third Prize of Concorso Internazionale di Musica EUTERPE, 2013

Quartet Achievements

First Prize of Concorso EurOrchestra Bari, 2011

Third Prize of Concorso Internazionale “Don Vincenzo Vitti”, 2011

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